Shenanigans Group

Who are we?

The Shenanigans Group is a gaming group centered around simulation and creativity. We aim to create an enjoyable experience for everyone involved, so that we can all enjoy the games we love to play. At the Shenanigans Group, you will get the choice to join our subsidiary divisions depending on the games that you enjoy most, so you can connect with that community and have fun together.

Meet the Team

The team behind the Shenanigans Group do the devils work, keeping servers online, listening to the community, brainstorming new ideas and finding ways to make the experience the best it can be. Listed below are the memebers that keep the cogs turning:


Group Co-Ordinator
(and Server Host)


Head Group Manager


Head Discord Manager


Head Server Manager


Community Manager

Group Subsidiaries

Listed below are all of the Shenanigans Group subsidiaries and a brief description on them to explain what they are about. If you click the logo, you will be taken to the individial website where you can learn more about the subsidiary that you have chosen in detail, and also join if you are interested.

Shenanigans Logistics

Shenanigans Logistics is an English speaking VTC that was created on the 6th January 2021. We are willing to give everyone a chance, so that we all can enjoy the VTC space of TruckersMP! Bans are irrelevant to us as we believe people learn from their mistakes. We don't expect everyone to be immaculate drivers, that's just unreasonable. As long as you're a safe driver, you're more than welcome here! We hold events reguarly with challenges and convoys being the main ones and we won't make you change the way your truck looks so you can keep the paint job you like... So what are you waiting for? Come join us!

Shenanigans MC


Shenanigans Agriculture

Shenanigans Agriculture is a virtual agricultural company for Farming Simulator 19 with one goal: grow the best crops, rear the best animals and deliver the best service we can in the farming community. We host a Farming Simulator 19 server which allows members to connect and play Multiplayer with other members and get more done together. If Multiplayer isn't your thing, we still encourage Singleplayer and you can post your progress in your own saves on our Discord server, along with any cool screenshots you take. So what are you waiting for? Come join us!

Shenanigans Space Corportation

Shenanigans Space Corporation is a sci-fi space exploration group. We design and operate reliable craft, and facilities. We also plan to build large fleets and industries across the stars. The SSC Operates on a navy-like command structure, anyone free to join and start out listed as a "Spacefairer". Upon acquiring a vessel/craft dawned with SSC honours, they are promoted to "Lieutenant". The structure continues upwards the hierarchy and is always expanding.

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